Brief 2 WIP

Work In Progress: The Illustrator Journey

draaaaaaaaft332 copy

This is how my infographic looks in times of late. Probably going to switch out the writing at the bottom for something a little more relevant and appropriate.


Work In Progress: Drafts and Crafts

I knocked together two really quick drafts of the possible directions I could take in visually portrayal of The Hero’s Journey on the ol’ faithful MS Paint. I was listening to Easy (Like Sunday Morning) by Lionel Richie on loop while was creating these. I don’t yet know if it had a negative or positive effect on my creative capacity. I guess only time will tell. It is surely a tremendous song nonetheless and boy, his mustache is definitely what the kids these days are calling “On Flek”. It has to be one of the least threatening mustaches of all time. Of all time. There’s just something so majestic about its shape. it reminds me of a majestic Bald Eagle’s spread wings as it sores high above modern consumer capitalism and the associated woes (modern consumerism obviously being symbolized by his voluptuous lips). His mustache represents everything we all wish we could be but are too scared to attempt because of fear of failure. To back up the epiphany presented by his mustache, later in Easy Lionel goes on to sing the lyrics “I want to be free. I want to be me.” Beautifully concise. And you just cant argue with rhyme. Rhyme wins every time. And so does Lionel Richie’s mustache. It has taught us so much. Honestly, if I had a dollar for every time a mustache had caused me to embark on some level of introspective reflection I could fill a paddling pool with daisies, lay in it making daisy angels, and listening to the soundtrack of ‘Guardian’s of the Galaxy’ all day (and also bride my tutor to give me an A in this assignment).

But I digress, the two drafts, and the link to Easy (Like Sunday Morning) are below. Have a beautiful day everyone. Hug a stranger. You deserve it.

heros journey draft1 heros journey draft2