Blue and Black -Short Film by Rupert Wilson

A). My inspiration for the video was the inevitable heat death of the universe. This inevitability of death in relation to humans is an idea that i decided to deconstruct as modern humans, so often we try so hard to fight death off for as long as possible, but in the end, no matter how hard you fight, death always wins.

B). My use of blue, black, and white in my film was used symbolically throughout all of my compositions. this allowed for snappy cuts on the white and on the black. Also, by allowing the boxer to leave and enter frame, it help further the representation that the boxer is not an individual but instead a symbol for human life itself. This was also developed through the use of composition by trying to keep the boxer’s eyes out of the frame. This reduces the ability of the audience to connect with the boxer as an individual.

C). The equipment I used to capture this film was the canon 550D, the tripod and three LED fresnels.

D). I shot around 10GB worth of footage including photographs.

E). When I was going through my footage I grouped it into footage that is mostly bathed in light, and footage that mostly consists of black. this gave me good in points and out points to combine and link shots.

F). When editing, the first thing I did was to find a song that i thought helped to represent the theme and message of the narrative. I then searched for stock footage that incorporated the theme and also because i planned to integrate it with my footage, and knowing what stock footage I had to work with would have made that process a lot easier.

G). Initially I planned to use a mixture of atmos sound, music and sound effects. However, once I started I realized that this was very distracting and too ‘busy’, therefore distracting from the narrative and the tone that I was trying to create.

H). If I had the chance to do it again I would definitely shoot with a subject instead of myself. Shooting by myself was extremely time consuming and resulted in less dynamic footage, and reduced my ability to be creative with lighting as I had to use one of the lighting stands as a surrogate for me to which I would frame up and focus shots. It would have also gave me a lot more time to focus on editing and have finished a more polished piece.

The Film:

Assets used:

San Bartolomeo Milky Way. Daduxio. (2012). Retrieved from:

Sun animation. Flamboyant. (2013). Retrieved from:

Satellite Nighttime Flyby. NASA. (2011). Retrieved from:




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