Images: Done and Done

A4-01 A8-01



    1. Great use of colours here! They’re lighter and more muted than your WIP posts, but they still contrast the grey background and make your image lively and exciting. They also help to bring out the black silhouettes within the circle. The images themselves are also exciting and they really portray an awesome fantastical adventure. The only criticism I have is that the two halves of the inner circle that say “Ordinary world” and “Special world” could be made into equal sizes, because the “special world” section looks a little cramped. But overall your images look awesome! Great job!


  1. Rupert, good to see you cracked a great color scheme! I have nothing bad to say about your infographic, I think it is pretty top notch. You have worked hard at this assignment and I think you will be rewarded with a good mark. I’ve enjoyed following your progress with this infographic and your final image looks great! Although the end is quite wordy I feel you can get away with it as it complements the image really well and is really just there for reference I guess. Great work Rupert!


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