Comments and Laments

Angela Go

I think that you’ve done some really great research here and I think the colours that you are planning to use really help to present the elvish race. A colour I think you should try to incorporate into your image is light blue. I think this colour could be used very effectively within your composition because it is a visually pleasant and they reflect the colours of the Elves surrounding waterfalls that always seem to be elaborately intertwined with elvish architecture. The blue could be used effectively, almost like a river and direct the viewer’s eye through the key areas of your image. I think the colour silver would be effective as well because both the elvish costumes and buildings are both made out of similar shades of silver. Low level tones such as silver work great as background colours in infographics. Also I think you should try to incorporate elvish architecture into your image too. I think some of those fancy elvish designs would look awesome in the corners of the image or something like that. Anyway, keep up to good work kiddo! Make papa proud!

Emily Fly

I think the first concept is pretty nice and conveys the subject matter quite well. I like the simplicity of using the cats very recognisable facial outline as the boarder containing the person and relevant information. I think if you used a warm ‘Garfield’ orange for the fill of the cat boarder that would be visually pleasing. You could also put one of those circle things on its head that doctors wear in cartoons or maybe a stethoscope coming out of its ears to make appear like a doctor. Doctor Cat. Which actually seems like a kickass idea for a TV show. I can just see it now…

Chief Doctor (A native american doctor):”Doctor Cat! Get in my office right meow! You’ve cat to be kitten me! There was a claws in your doctoring contract that says you cant operate on dolphins. We could get sued for millions. It’s the purrfect storm!

Doctor cat: “hey chief calm down aye.”

Chief Doctor (Still a native american doctor): ” Quit the catitude Cat-herine Zeta Jones! We could both go away fur a long time if the truth ever comes out.”

Doctor Cat: “So lets make sure the truth never comes out then. Lets give Dolphin Daniel a nice looooooong nap.”

Chief Doctor (I think he’s turning Chinese): “That would be a cat-astrophe! He’s going to be my son in law! Why this!? Why now? I had a bad feline about you when I first saw your resumè…”

Doctor Cat: “We’re in this together now whether you like it or not! YOU’RE the one that cleared ME to graft the laser cannon implants to his back. Lets try and stay pawsitive!”

Chief Doctor: “Okay okay. But we can’t kill him. But maybe we could ‘purr-suade’ him to not take his story to the press.”

Doctor Cat: “I like your thinking Chief Doctor. That idea might just be, the cats pajamas.”

Chief Doctor: “Goooooooood. gooooooooooooooood. Hey, by the way have you seen that mouse intern around lately? I haven’t seen head or tail of him in about three weeks.”

Doctor Cat: “Not at all chief. Not. At. All. *He licks at the segment of tail pocking out of the corner of his mouth and then slowly turns towards the camera and winks*

Roll Credits

I think in terms of typography, for the title of your image you should use something that is reminiscent of a hospital font to help to convey the ideas of health. Maybe put a little red + somewhere too. If you were to use orange as the colour for the cat then I think it would be a good idea to use a light blue as the background colour to make your image visually striking.

Riley Martinez

Hey man i think you’re process you have selected is awesome. An idea i had reading through your post was that you could possible divide the infographic into two sections. The first showing the body movements for each step within the ollie and another set of pictures, perhaps top down, showing the movement of the feet in each step with arrows showing the movements. I think in terms of font and typography you should really draw upon the well-grounded culture associated with skateboarding. All the best man!

Natsuki Arai

Hey I think your work in progress is looking great so far Natsuki! I think you’re choice to use just one finger rather than an entire hand was a great choice as it still creates the same effect but reduces the clutter that a whole hand could cause. The feedback I would give is that I think you should make it clearer which step goes after the other. This could be as simple as having arrows pointing from each step to the other or even using a little circle with a number in it beside each image. Another thing I thought of is making the “what you need” box a little more visually appealing by putting the manicure tools inside a ‘tool box’ or whatever the manicure equivalent is. I think perhaps adding some shadow from the fingers and tools onto the background to give your image some nice depth. One thing that I also realised when I was making my image is that everything looks way better and way more ‘infographicy’ when you remove black borders from objects and shapes. I can see you’ve done it with the nail clippers and it looks very good so I say you just continue with that for all of your objects. If u do dat it shuld b mean as geeh. piece.

Hamish Nixon

Hey man I reckon your chosen process has the opportunity to be crack up and also really interesting too. To help with conveying the ‘process’ side of the how to, I think it might be a good idea to perhaps start out with a normal looking girl on the left side, the popstar looking girl on the right and maybe a factory or mechanical looking machine in the middle where you can base all of your information about how someone becomes a mainstream popstar in the modern world. to continue that ‘factory’ theme would could have the girl on a conveyor belt both going into, and out of the machine. You could also use industrial styled font and typography too and effectively use colours such as the aforementioned yellow which works in both the representation of the pop star and the industrial way that the mainstream music industry now operates. Anyway, hope it all goes well for you and how knows, maybe i’ll be able to follow your guide and become a STAR! But don’t worry, when I hit the big time I wont forget about the man that single-handedly showed me the way to the top! Thanks in advance man 🙂


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