Work In Progress: Heroes and Zeros

draaaaaaaaft111this is my rough draft for my finished infographic. The font and some parts of the text need to be fixed and the images within need to help to represent the aspect of the hero’s journey more clearly.



  1. This is looking great! I’m loving the rainbow colour scheme; infographics tend to stick to colour schemes of only two or three colours so good on you for thinking outside the box. The shapes that you’ve used are also “outside the box” in a sense; many infographics structure their content in a linear fashion, which can get boring after a while, rather than a circular one.

    I agree that the text needs to be fixed up a little. The text on the outer ring of the circle, specifically, is quite hard to read. For the title font, I recommend changing up the font style to something that’s fancier-looking and more decorative. Perhaps a font that looks like medieval calligraphy, to keep in line with the images inside the circle?


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