Summary: Bride Rather Not

I have used a symbolic style for the composition of my article rather than a realistic composition as it allows for me to better represent the key themes and messages of my chosen article. Firstly, I have used the background of my piece in an effort to convey the setting, tone and ideas within the article. The crumbling brick wall is used to show that the article takes place in a ruined and crumbling area to represent the war and the poverty apparent within the article. I have also created a desert plain that stretches off into the horizon to convey the middle-eastern setting to the viewer. It is also used to convey the isolation that is caused with the young girls marrying as it is a contrast to the cluttered and rubble filled left side of the screen. The man’s eyes have been purposely cropped out of the image to help portray the idea that the girls often do not know who their husbands will be until their wedding day. I also made the man a lot taller than the girl to not only show the age differences that are presented in the article but to also show his superiority in the relationship as he looks down upon his small and fragile bride. The rusty fences in the background reference the security fences that are used to contain refugee camps. it also acts as a symbol to show how the young girls that are trapped in their situations because of poverty. The outfit of the girl references what my research found a bride in the situation of refugee poverty wears immediately after her ceremony. The white hijab is used not only to convey that she is a bride but it also shows her purity and innocence. The fact that her face is the only one completely shown represents that the articles focus is about the stories and viewpoints of girls in her position. It also allows the viewer to better sympathize with her because of her scared expression and her central position with the composition. The aggressive arms appear to be reaching out to attack and hurt her and this is used to represent the part of the article that states that parent’s will often find husbands for their young daughters to protect them from being raped or assaulted. The arms as seen to be kept just out of reach by the girls tethering to the husband. From my research, I discovered that two interlocked rings in the symbol for marriage so this was used to more clearly convey the marriage aspect of the text. The girl is shown to be confined within the wedding ring and therefore within the role as wife and only wife as the article communicates. This helps to convey what the article states that the girls lives become once they are married. It shows that she is very restricted, isolated and unable to move freely. Comparatively, the man’s ring is only on his finger and this presents the idea of the text that he is much more free than the bride is in these marriages. This idea is reinforced by the linked rings that show her tethered to her husband. As the chain goes further towards the man they become darker and more gray to represent the idea in the article that girls are entrapped and imprisoned through their marriages. In order to not make the husband appear as her ‘protector’ but rather as her ‘captor’ as the article suggests I gave his face a red hue to create a visual parallel between him and a conventional devil. I have made it so that it appears that the bride is focusing on the arms trying to attack her rather than focusing on her husband to convey the idea that it is out of fear of attacks that force young girls into the situation of child marriages. Through the use of both sides of the image using arms pointing towards the main subject the viewers attention is more directly grasped.


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