Concepts: Another One Brides The Dust

Warning: this post contains concept art work of a very high caliber. The five images are so artistically perfect that if you have low self esteem already, you should stop reading this immediately and go draw yourself a hot bath (not like drawing a sexy bathtub but like filling a bath tub up with water in a very non sexual way. Actually on second though i guess you could draw a sexy bath tub if you really want to. If you do, PM it to me as soon as you’re finished). Even if you do have a strong sense of self and are reasonably confident, this post may still have adverse effects on your mental health and stability due to its spectacular quality. Viewer discretion is advised.

This first concept is supposed to be a play on that image of a child moving out of his home town or being taken to their creepy uncles house and them looking back at their friends and relatives with just damn near the most heart breaking face a human could possibly attempt to manifest. the facial expression is a stark contrast to the just married banner just beneath it on the back of the car (yes. that is a car. not a UFO. Although, a bride being abducted by aliens would have been a much more interesting article to portray… Just think of the visual symbolism you could use!!! I better stop. im getting myself too excited). A car covered in ribbon and with the words ‘just married’ on is something we associate with happiness so this creates a conflict in the viewer. also with the way the eye works, people are naturally drawn to human faces first and then to what is around them. The eye is next drawn to words or letters that provide context to what is happening. that is why their eyes will next be drawn to the writing below the child bride. it also communicates the part of the article about child brides being taken far away from family and friends to distance towns were they are kept in almost complete isolation. This concept is not culturally accurate however so i don’t know if it would represent the article very well because the setting is a crucial part of article and its themes.


this next concept is surprisingly not an alien using some sort of futuristic disk shaped weapon to strike down his pitiful human adversary, but instead a symbolic representation about how marriage is imprisoning young girls and isolating them in a perpetual loneliness. We immediately associate the shackle on her wrist with imprisonment, being held against someones will and other negative connotations. as the eye pans left they see that it is connected to a wedding ring and clearly shows that when she puts the ring on his finger he will be forced to be by his side for the rest of her life. If i was to use this concept as my final image i would make the hand clearly that of a young girl and makes the other hand very clearly a wrinkly, scaly old mans hand to shock the viewer and compel them to want to read the article and find out more.  Article Concepts 1The third concept is a play on the second concept where the ring is connected to a key that she is handing the the man. i think this is visually interesting because viewer will wonder why if she has the key, is she handing it to someone else instead of releasing herself? This may make them think deeper about what it means and when paired with the title of the article, ‘I married for protection’ we get an idea that the girl must be in that cage for her own protection and the only person that could release her is her husband who is clearly outside of the cage. The only way that the husband could release her from the cage is to later take his wedding ring/key…. oh wait i got it! its a KEY-RING. Bam. Feeling fab. But i digress, the ring could never come off his finger in this symbolic portrayal because divorce rates are almost no existent in Syria and many other middle eastern countries. This means that she is trapped and isolated in her cage for her own protection for the rest of her life (except of course if she gets abducted by aliens).

Article Concepts 4

The fourth image is a pretty clear symmetry that depicts a girl in her wedding dress curled up in the fetal position looking miserable from birds eye view. around her is a large wedding ring that keeps everyone else away from her. thus showing how child marriages in Syria both protect and isolate girls from all others. I also thought about possibly adding the husband their too but i didn’t want to over complicate the image. However, a down side with this image is that their are no visual clues that the subject is a child which is very crucial to the image. I think it would be hard to see visually from the birds eye view angle.

Article Concepts 2

The final concept is most likely the one i am going to go with because i feel it best represents the article. the aggressive, faceless hands trying to grab at the child are pushing her closer to her groom. i though of making the groom’s head cut out of the shot not only to show how much taller and older he is than the girl but t also help to make the girl the only face the viewer can see so that they can relate to her and her alone. I want to try and make the look of fear very clear on the girls face. I also want to make the wedding arch out of broken and rusty military equipment and rubble. i think this would help to represent the setting of the article well and stand as a symbol for the state of the culture by way of reflecting the setting. Just as their homes and cities have been cracked and crumbled by the war, so too have their lives, and their culture. I want to try and make it seem that the arch could fall at any time and would therefore crush and/or damage everyone in the image to show the urgency f the situation and also convey the idea that if something isn’t done soon to stop this cultural trend, everyone will be negatively effected.

Well I guess thanks for reading this, comment if you wanna, and most importantly of all, watch out for UFOs. Sankq.







  1. I think you have some pretty good images which clearly get your article across. I’m really feeling the one that has the girl stuck in the ring. You mentioned that you may find it hard to show her, possibly what you could do is make her bigger but still clearly show that she is young. I think this play on scale is clever and highlights the need for photoshop and also her miniature size. One of your concepts I would mention to you is a bit risky. Although the ‘just married’ composition is one of the strongest ideas, the brief makes clear that we don’t use text of any kind (I know, I’m a fun killer). I also think the key ring is a great potential route. Are you planning to have anything in the background?


  2. Hi there, I really like your first concept as it is all summed up by the expression on her face. Often after a wedding the bride is happy and not sad. This would work well if we were able to see more of herself as a child and the location that she is in. Most of the messages are there but there are just those few missing features that would really sent the message across to the viewer.


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