Communication Objectives: Bridery & Corruption

How my image will communicate the article:

My article stands to shed light on the growing societal issue of child marriages in Syria. The viewpoint of the article is that this trend is not only extremely harmful for the individual girls affected but to the society as a whole. It presents the idea that the ubiquitous poverty within the large populations currently living in refugee camps is driving the child marriage incline. To attempt to communicate that poverty is a large contributing factor within this issue, I plan to incorporate it visually into the subject of my image. One way to do this would be to show the subject in an over-sized and worn wedding gown. this would not only provide some powerful visual symbolism of girls being forced into a false exterior of womanhood, but it is also factually accurate as in poorer community groups they will often share wedding dresses. By clearly showing just how worn down the dress is, the viewer will both be able to empathize with the individual whilst also contemplating how many other young girls must have also worn that very dress.

Another large portion of the article was dedicated to the loneliness and isolation experienced by these young girls, who are often forced to move to far away villages and refugee camps. This reoccurring story is exemplified in the article by a girl named Zeinab – just 14 years old. Just as this article attempts to give these oppressed girls a singular face and voice, so too will I try to incorporate just a single lone girl. this is because I think it is much easier for people to empathize with just a single individual rather than such a large group of people.

An additional parameter of this story is that girls are often forced into marriage because their parents fear that they could be sexually abused or raped. An all too regular occurrence in refugee camps has made many view marriage as a way of protecting their daughters from such a harmful situation. For my image, I will attempt to get into the mind of a young girl who has been told about what could happen if she does not marry and how that would affect her views on the opposite gender at such a young age. This idea that all men are out to hurt her or rape her must have terrible effects on a girls psyche and this is what i will attempt to portray in my image.

In order to convey the tone of the article visually, I plan to use a muted, washed-out colour palette to help the viewer get a better understanding of the melancholy and hopeless emotional state of the girls. Also, while constructing the image I will keep the key themes of loneliness, poverty, fear and isolation in my mind at all times.

In terms of skin tones for the child bride, I think I will aim to place them in an ambiguous zone that transcends race. this is because the article is after all a call to action and attempts to make its reader recognize this issue not only as a subjective cultural issue that we can have no right to change but instead, a human issue that we must all collectively endeavor to banish because every child should have the right to a childhood.


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  1. This is nice stuff Rupert (your ideas, not so much the topic – obviously). I like that you plan on keeping your imagery simple which really communicates the article without unnecessary visual clutter. The idea of the lone bride is harrowing and will capture the sympathy of everyone who has a heart. My only concern however is although you aim to have a simple and clear image, it may need something else to get that ‘minimum of 2 images’. You mention dressing a young girl in a dress which is an awesome idea, but can be done without photoshop. I think what you need to think now is extending the idea further so you can prove your digital skills. As a female, I personally find the idea of being married restrictive and ladened with stereotypes of being the cook, cleaner, child bearer and basically feeling like a caged bird. This segways me to my helpful suggestion which would be to represent this girl as a caged bird. Essentially, these girls would have almost no freedom or power. Showing them as trapped and restricted would reinforce the fact they are almost disregarded as humans with the basic human right to free will. This may give you more scope to really hone in on the photoshop and layering of images. Hope this helps! All the best 🙂


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